Sony Ericsson Nicole PS

This is a PS created by a member over Esato based on the Nicole pics that have leaked. This is also rumored to be named K620 and it will replace the K610.

An artful fusion of materials and technology define new mid-range handsets

Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide wrap third-generation features in innovative, highly detailed designs

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today reaffirmed its leadership in driving the benefits of third generation technology to the mid-range market with the announcement of two new handsets, the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide. Designed to be precisely balanced in the hand, with large keys and ergonomically correct dimensions and surfaces, both phones have been created with maximum usability in mind. Along with third generation WCDMA technology and sleek, contemporary designs, these new devices feature carefully engineered touches that help to ensure that the beauty endures.

"Nokia is a recognized trailblazer of the 3G revolution and a pioneer in the use of new and innovative materials for mobile phones. With the Nokia 6500 classic and Nokia 6500 slide, Nokia is skillfully combining these areas of expertise to deliver a compelling blend of design and technology at a mid-range price point," said Peter Ropke, Senior Vice President, Broad Appeal Business Unit, Nokia. "While features like the aluminum "loop" structure of the Nokia 6500 classic or the Carl Zeiss optics found in the Nokia 6500 slide separate these devices from the pack, it is the skillful balance of features and style that will make them irresistible to customers."

Nokia 6500 classic

Instantly recognizable by its seamless case crafted from 360 degrees of anodized aluminum, the Nokia 6500 classic is a 9.5mm thin statement of unsurpassed attention to detail. As an expression of individuality, each Nokia 6500 classic is individually polished, ensuring that no two phones are exactly alike, while diamond polishing used on the beveled display aperture and cold stamped logo demonstrate the highest levels of craftsmanship.

However, the attention to detail found in the Nokia 6500 classic is much more than skin deep. Featuring dual band 3G technology for fast and easy downloads and browsing and quad-band GSM for worldwide roaming, the Nokia 6500 classic delivers state-of-the-art connectivity options for the most demanding of customers. A full 1 GB of internal memory means that the Nokia 6500 classic has capacity for far more pictures, videos, contacts, songs, messages and other content than the vast majority of other mid-tier mobile phones.

Nokia's dedication to usability is also evident in the Nokia 6500 classic. The Nokia Series 40 interface, familiar to millions of users around the globe, provides easy access to the powerful feature set, including a 2 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and an integrated music player. Furthermore, a unified micro-USB connector simplifies charging, audio and data connectivity by consolidating them into a single compact port. This allows for the Nokia 6500 classic to be easily used as a high-capacity flash drive or to be charged directly from a laptop computer - all with one cable.

The Nokia 6500 classic is expected to be available during the 3rd quarter of 2007 at an estimated retail price of €320 before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 6500 slide

Featuring an enthusiast-quality 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and the ability to easily share pictures, videos and even video calls on a television, the Nokia 6500 slide brings unsurpassed levels of imaging and sharing to the mid-range market. Additionally, the Nokia 6500 slide delivers a refined tactile experience with its elegant brushed stainless steel finish and smooth slide mechanism.

The 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics found in the Nokia 6500 slide marks the first time that mid-range camera phone consumers have been able to experience the outstanding imaging capability of Carl Zeiss optics. The addition of autofocus, a dual LED flash and 8x digital zoom optimizes the Nokia 6500 slide for creating high-caliber images. Using the speed of 3G technology, these images and videos can be quickly shared with friends around the world, while the TV-out jack allows them to be instantly viewed on any television with standard RCA inputs. The TV-out feature can also be used to allow an entire group of people to simultaneously enjoy the fun of video calling.

Fashioned to stand apart from the crowd, the Nokia 6500 slide incorporates a number of design elements not often found in a mid-range device. Ensuring that the sophisticated brushed stainless steel body retains its timeless beauty, a unique hard coating helps to prevent scuffs, scratches, and even fingerprints. Precision engineering of the slide mechanism means that the Nokia 6500 slide feels solid in the hand, yet moves with a smooth, fluid action to create a decidedly upscale user impression.

The Nokia 6500 slide is expected to be available during the 3rd quarter of 2007 at an estimated retail price of €370 before taxes and subsidies.

For more information, please visit http://www.nokia6500series.com/.
Press photos also available at www.nokia.com/press/photos.
Fact sheet available at www.nokia.com/A4140021.

Wow! Three extremely stylish phones announced in one day. Sony Ericsson...your move...

Nokia 8600 Luna: A definitive design statement with a touch of glass

The timeless beauty of glass highlights the latest evolution of Nokia's most coveted phone series

Espoo, Finland - Building upon a tradition of crafting its most unique and prestigious phones from trend-setting materials like chrome, stainless steel and titanium, Nokia today unveiled the Nokia 8600 Luna, which has been precision engineered from the same material that has inspired both artists and craftsmen for centuries- glass.

The melding of nearly opaque smoked glass with unique, soft-touch stainless steel makes the Nokia 8600 Luna as enchanting to behold as it is a joy to touch. Adding to its mysterious allure, a gentle keypad illumination pulsates from beneath the glass case while the phone awaits a call. Combined with the warmth of its glass and stainless steel body, this "heartbeat" transforms the Nokia 8600 Luna from an inanimate object into a trusted companion with an organic, virtually alive form. When a call does beckon, the signature slide movement is carefully balanced to smoothly raise the ergonomic keypad from within its glass cocoon.

For more information, please visit www.nokia8600luna.com.
Press photos also available at www.nokia.com/press/photos.
Fact sheet available at www.nokia.com/A4140021

Finally the phone has been officialy announced. Very nice!

BMC China celebrates it's 100th million mobile phone

Yesterday this factory in China celebrated the 100th million mobile phone to come off the assembly line. It is the Vodafone W880i. China produces tons of phones each year. I would love to visit one of these factories someday.

How to identify fake Sony Ericsson BST-33 batteries

We all know of the fake stuff circulating over there in Asia. Some items are harder to identify as fake than others. Below are 2 pics of the Sony Ericsson BST-33 battery. The top one is of a real battery and the bottom of a fake. The differences are highlighted with a red circle. I am totally against buying fake batteries. It is just not worth the risk (battery blowing up or the battery simply ruining my phone). Hope this helps...

Pics from mobile.it168.com

Another Nokia N75 review

Another excellent review despite it not being as long as the other extremely long review (almost half an hour). I am starting to like this phone alot. I like the black housing but what I didn't like was the operator name on the phone (actually...I hate all operator branding on all phones)...Enjoy!

Sony Ericsson MOOI

Apparently this the latest rumor going around at Esato. This is the supposedly the official codename of Maria. This is what was posted (by m-one):

This date (15th June) was mentioned twice from two independent sources. I'm observing the french forum as well. Now, it's seems very likely to me that this date is real. BTW: Has anyone of you heard something about an upcoming phone named: MOOI ??? According to a user @ se-world.info it seems to be the official codename for maria. And maria is assumed to have 8GB internal memory. Sounds like an iPhone offensive. Can anyone confirm this information?

The user said that this is the codename among direct SE-customers. But he has also no clue why it is called like that. Maybe it is going to be beautiful...

These are the facts that I know about the W950i successor/facelift or whatever it'll be:
• Design very similar to the W950i but with an ordinary keypad with 'real' buttons again
• 2,6" screen size
• 8 GB internal memory
• 3.2 Megapixel cam with AF
• New bluetooth-headset included in the package (most probably the one assumed to be announced on the 28th May)
• It also may have the same battery as the P1i with 1160mAh
• 3G but no HSDPA
• Walkman UIQ And of course, it was described as a very noble phone.

MOOI sounds weird to me but possible. Shinobu is also a weird name. This phone really sounds interesting if true. I hope for more info soon. What is also interesting is that the next announcement is supposed to take place on June 15th. We shall wait and see.

Nokia 8600 live pics with the Sony Ericsson P1

Wow. Both the 8600 and P1 in the same pics...makes me drool...The pics are from whatmobile. Thank you Marc for pointing me to the link. Info from the thread says that the phone costs 600 pounds and there is a GOLD version of this phone.


Another Sony Ericsson P3i concept

This was made by made by exilim over at Esato's forums. I guess we are all curious as to what is the P3i and what it will look like since hints of it have surfaced. This concept looks nice closely following the P1 design but with a way bigger screen and I just love the black/green keypad. I like this even more than the other P3 concept I posted before.

Sony Ericsson begins free phone checkup campaign

Sony Ericsson Taiwan started a new campaign on the 28th and will last until June 30th. This new campaign entitles users of Sony Ericsson phones a free checkup at any of their 76 authorized service points throughout the country. The checkup includes:

1. checkup of the physical condition of:
- housing outside and inside
- keyboard
- battery and battery cover

2. checkup of electrical components:
- camera
- mic
- speakers

3. software upgrade if necessary and if owner wants an upgrade

All this should take roughly between 10-15 minutes. Oh did I mention this is all for free and participants will receive a cool SE cap (while stocks last). Also participants can purchase the MPS-60 portable speakers for a special low price. Also everyone will be educated on the FOTA function. If I was there I would probably go... This is certainly a good campaign and I am sure it will score points with the people.

pics from sogi

Pic of Sony Ericsson K620?

This pic was posted by a member over at mobile-review's forum. The poster claims this is the K620. This picture looks the same as the "Nicole" pic that was posted a while back. This new pic is a bit clearer and the watermark bigger and clearer. So "Nicole" will be named K620? I guess it is possible...

Sony Ericsson chopsticks

I would love to get my hands on a pair of these. They are gorgeous. I have my own private collection of SE goods. Perhaps I will post some pics when I have time.

Pics from stuff taiwan

Complete Nokia N75 video review

You can't ask for anymore than this. This is a complete 3 part video review of the Nokia N75 smartphone. It is almost half an hour long. If you are interested in the N75 then these clips are definitely a must see just make sure you get comfy in your seat.

Nokia silence booth

This is the clip description:

Nokia Silence booth will appear in Montreal for the Mutek festival from May 30th till June 3rd.

This is actually a brilliant idea. It is virtually impossible to make a phonecall in the middle of a concert of festival.

Amoi E72 Windows Mobile smartphone live pics

This is the Amoi E72 smartphone. It is part of the Amoi E series of smartphones and this being the lowest model. It runs Windows Mobile 5 and comes with a 2 mega pixel camera (which takes horrible pics). It costs less than 250$ making it probably the cheapest WM smartphone available. It has a very basic look and design and actually is not bad looking.

Pics from mobile.163.com

Another Sony Ericsson P1 review

This time my-symbian reviews the latest Sony Ericsson UIQ phone. I have read many reviews and I their review still was interesting for me. They were overall positive towards the device. Here is what they liked and disliked:

What they liked:

- four times more free RAM memory providing true multitasking, improving stability and performance
- 3.2 Megapixel camera producting quality still shots
- support for plugins on the Activity screen
- improved transflective display
- Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
- high quality build, elegant design
- higher capacity battery
- improved multimedia playback volume
- broad range of additional applications to be available when the device starts shipping.

What they don't like:

- video quality should be improved
- WLAN 802.11g support would be a warmly welcome addition
- no HSDPA and EDGE
- people upgrading from P990 may be missing its larger 2.8" display
- booting the system takes too long: almost 3 times longer than S60 3rd Edition phones
- no built-in GPS.

I think that I will replace my P990 with this phone when it comes out since the successor of the P990 will only in 2008...long time...Enjoy the review.

Click for review

Tons and tons of Samsung F300 live pics

Another fine set of pics from mobile01. It is of the Samsung F308 which is just an Asian version of the F300 (they are identical). This phone is truly innovative and original with dual sides. Too bad it didn't score too well with many reviews saying it's hard to use. Enjoy the pics.

Click for pic gallery

The Jaguar phone

They only thing Jaguar about this phone is the fact that they ripped of the logo and the premium housing. The housing is made mostly of stainless steel which gives it a premium look and feel. It comes with a 3 inch touchscreen, supports 2 sim cards, 1.3 mega pixel camera and loud speakers on the back. The phone looks rather nice. It cost about 130$ US in Hong Kong.

Pics from hksincere