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BCM11211 - Persona™ Consumer IP Communications Multimedia Solution

Persona™ Consumer IP Communications Multimedia Solution.

The BCM11211 is a part of Broadcom's next generation family of Persona™ IP communications applications processors. The BCM11211 high-performance RISC and DSP processor cores, along with the BCM11181 VideoCore® III multimedia processor core, enable advanced end-user productivity engaging applications such as rich GUI/web browsers, HD streaming video, and other multimedia content. Its advanced peripheral support hosts SDIO for memory cards, and hosts dual USB ports for enabling external media devices, as well as PC connectivity.

The BCM11211 seamlessly connects to Broadcom's industry-leading Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi® and GPS connectivity products, allowing original equipment manufactures (OEMs) to efficiently add best-in-class wireless technologies to expand functionality for next generation products.

* Features

* Runs the Linux®-based Broadcom MediaxChange™ software, which is the latest voice, video and multimedia version of the field proven PhonexChange™ software
* Features Broadcom's innovative audio clarity technology, SmartAudio®, which significantly improves audio quality over IP networks
* Glueless interface to BCM11181 VideoCore III multimedia coprocessor
* 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet MAC and PHY to support automatic power-down green modes

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