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HTC new design in the end is a laptop or tablet PC

With the continuous development of the times, more and more new and useful technology in our side. Not long ago, just fire up a Tablet PC, and recently, a computer can be folded flat products will appear.

This is from HTC of an internal data. Information, HTC is developing a new touch screen technology, the product looks more like a large clamshell. But he has two touch screen, link by a hinge.

HTC new design in the end is a laptop or tablet PC

According to reports, when the two screens open into a 180 ° angle, the two monitors will display the contents of merged into one screen. When the user uses only one screen, the other screen will show a virtual QWERTY keyboard.

From the perspective of the development notebook, tablet PC and notebook combination would be a good idea. Foldable portable design not only meet the need, but also meets the needs of the people on the big screen.

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