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teXet TB-406: Compact E-Ink-reader in white body

The company "Electronic Systems" Alkotel "a new model E-Ink-book teXet TB-406. According to the company, the main advantages reader - white slim, high contrast display, high performance and long battery life. LCDs measuring 6 inches with a resolution of 800x600 points made by technology "electronic ink", which are highly reproducible text clarity and low power consumption, which ensures a long battery life - up to a few weeks of active use on a single battery charge.
E-book supports a large number of text formats: DOC, DJVU, TXT, PDF, EPUB, PDB, FB2, HTML, RTF, MOBI. The novelty has implemented a set of tools for working with text: PDF-format files (PDF Reflow), save, and delete bookmarks, footnotes display, automatic mode. E-Ink reader teXet has a sensor G-Sensor, which, depending on the orientation in automatically rotates the image by 90 degrees, which allows you to change text orientation from portrait to landscape without the use of push-button controls. teXet TB-406 also reproduces image formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, which is available for viewing in a slide show and zoom. 4 GB of internal memory enables you to download a lot of books. Users can also use a memory card format microSD / SDHC up to 32 GB. Reader thickness of 10 mm, to control teXet TB-406 a block of buttons to select items or files to the right of the display, the classic page turning buttons, "Home", "Menu" and "Back", and a central four-way joystick. Model teXet TB-406 4 GB exclusively represented in the stores, "Euroset" costs 2999 ​​rubles.

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