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Google updates its YouTube Capture iOS app, adds 1080p uploads, improves audio sync and upload speeds

A little more than a month after the company debuted its video app on the App Store, Google has pushed live its first update for its YouTube Capture app, bringing with it 1080p HD uploads, improved audio synchronisation and upload speeds.

While Google was hailed for its insistence that YouTube Capture users orientate their device in landscape mode, to improve the quality of videos, many were frustrated with the fact that the maximum upload quality was limited to 720p HD videos.

Not only does today’s update add full HD support, that feature has been coupled with faster upload speeds, allowing those bigger files to be transferred to Google’s servers a lot quicker, ready for you to share with friends and family.

Google also says that audio synchronisation has been improved, ensuring that version 1.1 of YouTube Capture is a lot less buggy and able to satisfy YouTube video creators’ needs.


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