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It’s all about control

The controller’s the thing. We’ve been working from the beginning to make the controller experience as honed, fast and precise as possible.
Since the release of the OUYA Dev Console last month, developers around the world have sent us a ton of emails, comments, videos and forum posts… all about our controller. A lot of the feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but ALL were great to hear.
With our latest build, we wanted to share some of the tweaks we’ve made:
D-pad: OK, OK we heard you :). We’ve changed our D-pad from a ‘disc’ to a ‘cross’ style. W00t! Gone are the days of the “accidental” diagonal move. Accuracy and precision are back.
Thumbsticks: The Dev console thumbstick top caps needed more grip, so we’ve added a rubberized top. This will give better traction and just feel better than the current design.
Touch Pad: It will be more responsive! The final material will help a lot. PRO TIP: In “Settings”, you can set the cursor speed to the fastest level to make it even more responsive.
Triggers: Take two — these weren’t *there* yet, so we’ve improved the design and mechanics. We heard you want them a little more flush with the body of the controller. So that’s what we’ve done.
Battery Bay: We’ve secured the battery for a snug fit! And the pull tab will be made out of a higher-quality material.
So there you have it. You talk. We listen (some of the time, at least :) and OUYA keeps getting better. Thank you.
Oh, and one last thing — we’re constantly pushing our controller to be as fast and responsive as possible. If that means setting up our lead engineer with an oscilloscope to test the button-to-screen latency of our controller down to the millisecond, so be it. Check it out:
We’re serious here. We want to make OUYA the best it can possibly be. So don’t stop telling us what you think — we can’t do it without you. You know where to find us… at ouya.tv, or via FacebookTwitterReddit andGoogle+.

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