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PR-service Nokia: Stephen Elop was not talking about the possibility of using Android OS

Some time ago we published an interview with talk record Stephen Elop, is the Executive Director of Nokia. This will bring the treatment record, which came out that the question of the possible use by the Android OS in their smartphones, the answer sounded like "everything is possible." However, it now appears that this is not the case. According to the PR-Service Nokia, Stephen Elop was misunderstood. It was about the fact that the company is considering options, but no decision on the move to other operating systems is not accepted. Solutions from Microsoft are a priority. But almost immediately after the denial of the PR, the executive director said again on options. This time it was about the possibility of release tablet Nokia. However, saying that we are considering all options, he added that the decisions have been taken and announced nothing. What actually happens in Nokia, is likely to remain a mystery, but the fact that the first person of the company said on options is a testament to the fact that the future is looking for a manufacturer is not too specific.

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