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"Beeline" and joined the STC network in Primorye

The JSC "VimpelCom" announced the merger of cellular networks "Beeline" and JSC "New Telephone Company" (NTC).

United Network of "Beeline", STC is now available to subscribers of the company, both in numbers "Beeline" and numbers NTC. Thus, according to the statement, all users have received wide coverage of the STC, which is 98% of the populated territory of Primorye and access 3G-Internet "Beeline", available for 84% of the region. Communication services are now available in three standards: GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G/UMTS. GSM standards provide wide coverage and reliable reception signal in complex terrain, as well as in buildings made of reinforced concrete, 3G enables data transfer rates of up to 21Mbit / s (when connected by technology HSPA +).

On the phone screen "home network" is now displayed as either Beeline Beeline / NTC (depending on the model). It is important that they remain intact all subscribers of STC, as short (urban), and federal.

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