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Central Telegraph has launched Wi-Fi in Red and Manege Square

OJSC "Central Telegraph" March 14 launched its new wireless broadband Internet access technology Wi-Fi. The first zone of the service has become a commercial area of the Red and Manege Square. To gain access to the Internet to connect to the network "1Telegraph" and send SMS-message with the text "CNT" to the number indicated on the login page. Received username and password will be valid for a day, and paid time can be used in whole or in part. The cost of a session is 30 per hour. It is almost a half times cheaper than the average in Wi-Fi networks in the Moscow region, said the operator. development plans outdoor and other access points Wi-Fi in Moscow and the Moscow region. The "carpet" of the region the company is not required. "Central Telegraph" plans to operate a point covering network Wi-Fi popular among potential users of business centers, restaurants and cafes, as well as open areas that are important for tourists and residents of the Moscow region, as was done in the Red and Manege Square. Also in the near future it is planned to make free access to Wi-Fi own subscribers of broadband Internet access with authorization by ID access to the QWERTY (brand "Central Telegraph").

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