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Display XPERIA Z versus XPERIA T versus XPERIA V

Some time ago i post comparsion between Sony XPERIA T display and Sony XPERIA V display. Sony XPERIA V with sensor-on-lens technology has got more quality display and i was awaiting, what about Sony XPERIA Z. Now i hawe Sony XPERIA Z at home (it is not stock phone, just demo unit for journalist) and display seem to be same type, as in Sony XPERIA T. So in comparsion between these three phones, Sony XPERIA V is really best. Better color, better black, better icons... See photos below for proof. What do you mean about this? Is display Sony XPERIA V reason, why this phone was to delay? Or this luxury technology had some bug, which we dont see and why Sony doesnt use this type of display in Sony XPERIA Z? Who know...


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