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J.K. Shin: First Tizen products are expected

Samsung Mobile president Mr J.K.Shin had an interview with the The Wall Street Journal. In this interview Mr J.K. Shin confirmed the focus of U.S.,  Android and upcoming Tizen products. He even said something about Samsung’s windows devices.
Read the quotes from Mr. J.K. Shin below.

On U.S. market share:

“I don’t dwell on market share numbers, but I’m not satisfied with our market share in the U.S … We’re now a global player in the smartphone market and a global company, and the U.S. is an important market for us. This is the first time we’re holding our “unpacked” event in New York…”

High-end Galaxy will be the focus for the U.S.:

“We’re quite active in the low-end smartphone market and we will continue to compete in this area. In the U.S. for example, our main focus is selling the Galaxy line of high-end smartphones.”

On Android and Google:

“We like Android and we plan to continue our good relations with Google. I don’t think it’s correct to say that there’s friction.”

On Microsoft and Windows:

“Smartphones and tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows operating system aren’t selling very well. There is a preference in the market for Android. In Europe, we’re also seeing lackluster demand for Windows-based products.”

On Bada and Tizen:

“We are in the process of merging Bada with Tizen [an open-source operating system being developed by Samsung and Intel Corp.]. You will likely see the first smartphone using Tizen from Samsung in the third quarter of this year.”

On expectations for the year:

“We aim to grow faster than the overall smartphone market this year and expect shipments to be higher than 400 million units this year. We’ve already sold 50 million units of the Galaxy S III since its launch last year.”

On the future and flexible displays:

“That’s still far off. We know that many people are interested in this technology but it’ll take some time and I cannot disclose the timing.”


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