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Lights out for Earth Hour

Saturday March 23 between 8.30 and 9.30PM isEarth Hour. It’s the largest symbolic mass participation event in the world.
Nokia Phone Recycler
Use the Search button on your Lumia, then Bing Vision to scan the QR code.
And taking part is easy – just sign up atwww.earthhour.org and switch off your lights.
Earth Hour this year will be celebrated by hundreds of millions of people in 7001 cities and towns across 152 countries. And Nokia will be taking part, too, with the lights being switched off at its main offices around the world at the appointed hour.
Of course, a one-hour blackout won’t be enough to solve the world’s climate issues. It’s a symbolic occasion to raise and maintain awareness of environmental issues.
But Nokia’s commitment to the environment goes a long way beyond the symbolic. We have recently detailed the many ways in which we go to great lengths with the design and production of Nokia’s Lumia 820 to avoid environmental harm. And, of course, we’re always delighted when third-party organisations recogniseour efforts in this area.
But for some areas we need our customers’ help. Nokia has an extensive recycling programme, for example, but it won’t be much use unless people are prepared to give up their old phones!
To help people learn more about how recycling phones works, and what happens to your old phone, the sustainability team has recently created a new game, Nokia Phone Recycler, which explains exactly what happens to each part of your phone after you’ve handed it over.
recycler3 recycler1
So, switch off your lights for a start – but then raid that kitchen drawer for the phones you’re hoarding.

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