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Live tile not updating after the 7.8 update (for some of my users)


I've had 4 of my users now write to me to say that applying the 7.8 update caused the live tile of my app to stop updating. 2 of them noticed that their other live tile apps have stopped updating too. I have many thousands of users so I'm guessing it's not everyone who has 7.8 has the problem (or my inbox would probably be full) but it's still four too many for my liking, and I need to be able to advise them what to do. Some other people on the web (e.g. here, and here) seem to be experiencing live tiles breaking after applying 7.8. The tile works fine for me in the 7.8 emulator (and all the other ones), wp8, and on my own 7.8 handset (and also on my spare 7.5 handset).

Has anyone any ideas on how I can help them? Or any news from Microsoft on problems (for some) with the 7.8 update? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

I'm guessing it's not something I will be able to fix (e.g. by releasing a new version), i.e. that it is a glitch in the 7.8 update (as other apps are affected too) but any suggestions would be welcomed. I wondered about implementing 7.8 wide tile support to see if that would fix the standard tile but it seems a long shot.



Extra Info:

They have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. They are understandably hesitant to try a hard-reset. One of them restored back to 7.5 and the tile started working again (for my app and others). My app has had a reliable live tile for over two years now and so I feel I know what I'm doing with the push system.

I have tried resending the tiles to them multiple times - and the push system tells me the message was either connected/ok or I also saw connected/supressed. They have the tile pinned, and full battery charge.


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