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The new "zero doubt": communication for 0 to subscribers of "Beeline" across Russia

The mobile operator "Beeline" presented an updated tariff "zero doubt" for pre-paid subscribers in the Moscow region.

As noted by the operator, connecting to the new version of the tariff, subscribers will be able to save on communication within their network, regardless of the amount of payments made to balance.

At the rate of the option of "Unlimited to numbers" Beeline "Russia": for 8 rubles. a day user can not pay for calls to numbers "Beeline" across Russia since the first minute. The maximum total length of calls within the network per day in connectivity options - 200 minutes, then charged conversation. The new sets of sim-card with a rate of "zero doubt" option is already connected (no option to turn off - 067 419 000, re-connection is not possible.)

Without connection option, all outgoing calls will cost $ 0. from the 2nd to the 10th minute, and the cost of the first minute and 11 th minute was 1.25 rubles. the numbers "Beeline" in the Moscow region and 2.50 rubles. the numbers "Beeline" across Russia. The cost of SMS to mobile numbers of Moscow and other Russian regions also is 2.50 rubles.

Mobile internet users can further activate the service "Unlimited Internet" in 13 rub. / Day.

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