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Updated Kaspersky Tablet Security: for the first time with a free basic protection

"Kaspersky Lab" has introduced a new version of its security solution for Tablet platform Android - Kaspersky Tablet Security. First implemented in the product free basic tools. Additionally, the solution enables users to maximize the security of your devices at the lowest price, the developers. One of the most important functions of a mobile security solution should be able to find lost or stolen devices, and safeguarding confidential information. All these tasks can be solved Kaspersky Tablet Security. To make the protection of Android-devices available, "Kaspersky Lab" has developed a basic functional free Kaspersky Tablet Security, and cut the price to a full defense.

When you install a basic solution the user has at his disposal on demand antivirus scanning to scan all files and folders, as well as the "Anti-Theft" to help protect the information on your device and locate it if lost or stolen. In the new version of the module is added to the possibility of the activation of "prevention" (sirens), which for the loss of the device starts a loud sound, until the owner finds it. To use the full-featured Kaspersky Tablet Security is enough to get the activation code and enter it in the box of the product, upgrade to the paid version to happen right from the basic version. Thus, the user will automatically scan downloaded applications and files, as well as protection in real time. Updated Kaspersky Tablet Security will be available for Russian users in late February at the official site of the developer and later - in the App Store. The cost of a full-featured security solution is 300 rubles.

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