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Photo Review haste "XPERIA Tablet Z SO-03E" DoCoMo version released today

Thin, light-fast!
Also once were reviewed before the launch but, try to review again the tablet "XPERIA Tablet Z SO-03E" of SONY that NTT docomo has started selling today.
I'll try to open the box. It is usual lineup. Insulation that is also.
While there is no accessories such as charger, with a desktop holder.
It is pretty good to me this is reminiscent of formal table, the BRAVIA.
Seen from the front sounds good. One-Seg capable version so unlike Wi-Fi, there is a one-segment antenna. I also futile because only to look at the big screen resolution and Seg, dailymotion sample.
Well understood when viewed from the side, this thinness is really amazing.
Back. Matte white or black material as well. There is a sense of quality, unlike glass.
Where I compare, SO-03E, SO-02E VAIO S13P.
Viewed from the side who still have the dreadfulness of TabZ wonder how infectious? Thinness of the par Sumaho.
Release lock screen by flicking upward.
Preinstalled app like this. And can uninstall it is an app that has been marked × in the upper right corner.
Thin and light, beautifully display. Is high basic performance you want to find the tablet. High-speed processing and high-speed communication communication LTE, quad-core and by Snapdragon S4 Pro. SONY tablet of the whole body with triple threat thin, light, and fast. Why do you even come single.

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