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Xperia Z vs. The Northern Lights: “From Under Other Stars” – PYYRAMIDS with Damian Kulash (OK Go) and Martien Mulder

A short while back, we told you a little about our latest Xperia versus. project – Xperia Z vs. Northern Lights
We took PYYRAMIDS, Damian Kulash (of OKGO) and photographer Martien Mulder to Swedish Lapland, where we challenged the group to create a Northern Lights-inspired music video using Xperia Z.
So, as promised, check out the fruit of that trip above – the official music video “From Under Other Stars”.
We’ve also included some other content from the expedition; behind the scenes sneak peeks, group interviews and more  – enjoy!
Meet Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith of PYYRAMIDS, Damian Kulash of OK Go and photographer Martien Mulder as they figure out how to use Xperia Z to capture the sound of the Northern Lights.
Watch how Damian recorded melodies on his Nyckelharpa in sub-zero temperatures and use instruments that “sound like outer space” to interpret the sound of colour.
Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith of PYYRAMIDS travelled all the way from sun-drenched LA to the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden to write a song inspired by the Northern Lights.
Follow them on a dog sled ride into the Arctic tundra to record vocals and guitar on Xperia Z before returning to their tipi to share their work using the smartphone’s “One-touch” functions.
From the reflective surfaces of the Ice Hotel to snowy scenery speeding by in bright sunlight, learn how Dutch-bornphotographer Martien Mulder used Xperia Z to capture the essence of the Arctic to create ‘From Under Other Stars’ music video.

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