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Xperia™ Z Vs The Northern Lights: From Under Other Stars, PYYRAMIDS w/ Damian Kulash, Martien Mulder

As part of its 'Xperia Versus' series, Sony gave PYYRAMIDS, Damian Kulash of OK Go and photographer Martien Mulder its Xperia Z smartphones, took them to Swedish Lapland and invited them to create a music video inspired by the Northern Lights. The end result is 'From Under Other Stars'

Find out how the artists used Xperia Z to create the music video, using the phone's One-touch sharing functions by watching the 'Making-of From Under Other Stars' http://goo.gl/Jm9cr

Produced as part of the 'Xperia Versus' project

About the Xperia Versus project:

Sony invited Damian Kulash of the band OK Go who are famed for their collaborations spanning music, film and technology, to go the Arctic and create music and a video, inspired by the Northern Lights, using Xperia Z's connectivity capabilities.  He took his friends from up-and-coming band PYYRAMIDS and Dutch photographer Martien Mulder along for the ride.

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