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Updated Post: (SR5) Sony will launch lenses with built-in imaging sensor!

Guess what this picture shows….two trusted sources told me this is a lens with built-in sensor, battery and memory!!! And the “lens-camera” transmits the images via NFC and WiFi to the smartphone/tablet! You can mount it on the smartphone but also use it separately!!! You will see the live view images on your mobile device.  This isn’t Start Trek or James Bond imagination…this is an SR5 confirmed rumor coming via our Top Sources!
This is a complete new kind of photography and probably the smallest camera ever made on a large sensor. I have been told the first lens to be released soon will feature the same RX100MII sensor and same Zeiss lens!!! And there will be a second model with smaller sensor and larger zoom.
I don’t know what to think about this, what do you say…what’s the cool thing about that completely newway of taking photos?

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