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Complaints About Camera Consumers in Thailand Complaining about Camera of Samsung Galaxy S7

An increasing number of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users in Thailand are complaining about the picture quality of its camera. Tety Peachy, a female user, recently sent the Business Korea some pictures of the same subject she took with her Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S5, saying that the former provided defocused and less clear pictures.          

“The same problems have been pointed out by a number of members of my Facebook club and they could not find any solution at Samsung Electronics’ after-sales service centers in Thailand,” she mentioned, adding, “Selfies appear blurred, subjects in front appear yellowish and the touch screen does not work well.” She went on to say, “Some of them could get new products only after visiting the service centers no less than five times and some consumers in my country filed a complaint against Samsung Electronics with the Office of the Consumer Protection Board.”

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