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Exclusive: Samsung’s next smartwatch is codenamed Solis, runs Tizen

The Gear S2 is the closest the industry has gotten to a perfect smartwatch. Samsung took a fair amount of time developing the Gear S2, opting to make things as good as possible instead of rushing out the door yet another smartwatch to add to its repertoire. Well, the company isn’t done yet – we have learned that the company is working on a new smartwatch, codenamed Solis.

The literal meaning of Solis is sun in the Spanish language, which is as good a hint as any that the smartwatch will have a circular display (the Gear S2 was codenamed Orbis, which means orbit, see what Samsung is doing here?). Well, not that Samsung would ever go back to rectangular displays for their smartwatches - no one wants their smartwatch looking like someone strapped a mini computer to their wrists, and a classic watch-like design and the rotating bezel for navigation are a great match.

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