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Gear 360 vs LG 360 - What is the best 360 camera?! - Side by side test

Two brand new 360 cameras have been released recently. The Samsung Gear 360, and the LG 360 cam. Both of them make spherical videos. But which one has better picture quality? Only seeing numbers on a page never does justice. The only way to REALLY judge cameras is to see them side by side.

I take the LG 360 cam and the Gear 360 and put both images side by side. If you are watching on the YouTube app on a smart phone, you can rotate the phone, or use your finger to see the full sphere.

If you are on a computer than you can just use your mouse to drag along the video and look around. You must be using a chrome browser for it to work correctly!

Make sure your video quality is turned all the way up so you can see everything!

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