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Good Lock update (version 24.0.10) adds Sync, Ultra Power Saving, and Quick Connect bar to Quick Settings

One benefit of Samsung’s latest mobile experiment, Good Lock, is that the company is revolutionizing how users interact with the utilitarian notification shade that has become, for many users, nothing more than just a way to see notifications and alarms at a glance (or to access settings when you need to use them). The Korean giant’s new recents menu has been something of a welcome change to TouchWiz though it has had its share of controversy for some, which explains Samsung’s decision to bring the old card-style recents approach to Good Lock), but it too, has been designed to revolutionize the “task manager” or recent apps section of the mobile experience. Adding the Always On Display toggle to Good Lock’s notification shade only made sense in a recent update.

The new Good Lock update, as has been the case with earlier updates, adds new functionality to the notification shade, with Samsung adding Sync, Ultra Power Saving, and Quick Connect settings to the notification shade. You can now find these three features accessible as you slide your finger from left to right beneath the brightness adjuster.

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