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More Investment In OLED Samsung Display to Make Additional 3 Trillion Won Investment in Flexible OLED

Samsung Display, which has led by Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun from last month, has started the business reshuffle at a fast pace.

According to industry sources on June 13, Samsung Display will sell off some of its 7th generation LCD production “L7” line at the Tangjeong plant in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, after the L6 line, and convert previous LCD production lines to flexible OLED production lines.

The company, which invested 2 trillion won (US$1.7 billion) in the first half of this year, will make an additional investment worth 3 trillion won (US$2.56 billion) – a total of 5 trillion won (US$4.26 billion) by the end of next year. The company has made such a decision because it believes that demand of flexible OLED will rapidly rise from next year due to favorable factors, such as provision of OLEDs for new iPhones and foldable displays. In particular, Samsung Display is making an aggressive movement after Vice Chairman Kwon has served as head of the company.

Kim Dong-won, an analyst at Hyundai Securities, said, “Samsung Display will expand its new production capacity of the 6th generation flexible OLEDs, which requires more investment than that in OLEDs for Apple, at the LCD plant within the year. Since foldable smartphones should fold the screens more than once, the company needs to expand the production capability of OLEDs.”

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