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Samsung, 20's Investors Forum ... IoT platforms, packaging solutions, publication

Samsung will gather in Seoul 20 days global investors are interested in coming to the former. Samsung Samsung, coming 20 days' in Yeouido, Seoul Hotel Conrad Beth said 13 that hold the Tuscan Sun Forum 2016`. This year's forum Device Solutions (DS) It goes around the division and presentation topics △ Internet of things settled on (IoT) platform technology trends △ △ global packaging solutions. The working executives and presentations on each topic. IoT platform session information and communication technology (ICT) as well as the IoT is expected to introduce Samsung Strategy with the introduction of the IoT technologies that are growing in importance throughout the industry. In particular, seems to present a blueprint for the IoT platforms `Arctic (ARTIK) building strategies IoT ecosystem, utilizing the` proprietary. Global technology trends at the technology changes and new technology development, and impact on the industry taking place in the semiconductor sector see. Samsung jarida with a glimpse into the art of attention. Packaging solutions are expected to introduce Samsung Electronics Packaging Technology trends and techniques that have dramatically increased in importance as a way to increase density semiconductor.

Samsung Tech Forum meantime, corporate Analyst Day Presentation (IR) have been held since the last spot in 2014 , Beth and proceed with a new event under the name Charters Forum. May 2014 every six months to Hong Kong to start has held events at home and abroad was held in the Investors Forum, etc. New York, Singapore, Seoul, Korea. In the first the Investors Forum held in Hong Kong in the next growth engine △ green memory △ Mobile iris recognition security solution △ △ smart Home has introduced four fields of technology. In an open forum in November 2014 in New York significantly reduce the number of smartphone models presented a strategy to secure a competitive price. Following In June last year a forum held in Seoul introduce the Samsung pay as smart home strategy, Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDS also it said that there is no acquisition plan between. In November, held in Singapore Forum System LSI Division △ Mobile as a core strategy, system-on-chip introduced (SoC) △ image sensor △ bio processor. Samsung Electronics official's Investors to announce details of the SEC's news to the "global investors has held a forum "and" said Samsung seat that electrons have introduced the technology business and strategy. " Investor's Forum will be held for investors understanding 'about' technology, Samsung has its for global investors jarida held to present the state-of-the-art technology and business directions. Investors have been established with the aim getdaneun obtain the trust of the market by describing the contents of interest, then Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is directly or business executives.


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