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Samsung Android Security Updates - SMR-JUN-2016


Please note that in some cases regular OS upgrades may cause delays to planned security updates. However, users can be rest assured the OS upgrades will include all up-to-date security patches when delivered.
While we are doing our best to deliver the security patches as soon as possible to all applicable models, delivery time of security patches may vary depending on the regions and models.


Samsung Mobile is releasing a maintenance release for major flagship models as part of monthly Security Maintenance Release (SMR) process.
This SMR package includes patches from Google and Samsung.

Google patches include all patches up to Android Security Bulletin – June 2016 package.

The Bulletin (June 2016) contains the following CVE items:
CVE-2016-2463(C), CVE-2016-2464(C), CVE-2016-2428(C), CVE-2016-2477(H), CVE-2016-2478(H), CVE-2016-2479(H), CVE-2016-2480(H), CVE-2016-2481(H), CVE-2016-2482(H), CVE-2016-2483(H), CVE-2016-2484(H), CVE-2016-2485(H), CVE-2016-2486(H), CVE-2016-2487(H), CVE-2016-0847(H), CVE-2016-2495(H), CVE-2016-0830(H), CVE-2016-2496(M), CVE-2015-3847(M), CVE-2016-2499(M), CVE-2016-2500(M), CVE-2016-2062(C), CVE-2016-2488(H), CVE-2016-2441(H), CVE-2016-2442(H), CVE-2016-0774(L), CVE-2016-2410(H) and CVE-2016-0819(C)
* Severity : (C)-Critical,   (H)-High,   (M)-Moderate,   (L)-Low

※ Please see Android Security Bulletin for detailed information on Google patches.

Along with Google patches, Samsung Mobile provides 9 Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) items described below, in order to improve our customer’s confidence on security of Samsung Mobile devices¹.
Some of the SVE items may not be included in this package, in case these items were already included in a previous maintenance release.

SVE-2015-5068: FRP Unlock by connecting external storage via OTG

Severity: High
Affected versions: Galaxy Devices in L(5.0/5.1) supporting USB OTG and involving MyFile2014_L_ESS
Reported on: October 22, 2015
Disclosure status: This issue is publicly known.
The vulnerability enables to launch MyFiles and to install malicious applications during setup wizard status via USB OTG. Ultimately it is possible to bypass the FRP.
The patch prevents access to MyFiles before completion of setup wizard status.

SVE-2015-5301: Disable AT Command via USB with secured lockscreen

Severity: Medium
Affected versions: KK(4.4)
Reported on: December 11, 2015
Disclosure status: Privately disclosed.
The vulnerability allows device controls in spite of secured lock screen via AT command(USB).
The patch prevents AT command on secured lock screen.

SVE-2016-5381: SIM Lock bypass Issue

Severity: Low
Affected versions: L(5.0/5.1), M(6.0)
Reported on: January 4, 2016
Disclosure status: Privately disclosed.
There is a difference between SIM Lock guidance and its actual operation.
The patch updates the description correctly.

SVE-2016-5871: EAS SMIME algorithm security patch

Severity: Medium
Affected versions: M(6.0)
Reported on: March 21, 2016
Disclosure status: Privately disclosed.
Although Email client sends message of encrypted SMIME with 3DES, it doesn’t send it with 3DES but with DES.
The fix modifies the misconfigured encryption type into the correct one.

SVE-2016-5923: Application signature check bypass

Severity: High
Affected versions: L(5.0/5.1), M(6.0) supporting Fingerprint among previous devices than GS6
Reported on: March 16, 2016
Disclosure status: Privately disclosed.
Error contained certification enables to bypass the signature check while installation of certain applications.
The fix resolves proper exception handling of signature check.

¹ Some SVE items included in the Samsung Android Security Update cannot be disclosed at this time.


We truely appreciate the following researchers for helping Samsung to improve the security of our products.

- Roberto Paleari: SVE-2015-5301
- Stephen Ledger: SVE-2016-5381
- Mattias Gröndahl: SVE-2016-5871

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