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Samsung comes with Smart Glow 'feature, an alternative to notification LED

Samsung will soon introduce a variation on the old, familiar notification LED called  Smart Glow . A luminous ring around the camera lens displays notifications on the back of a phone.
Smart Glow on the upcoming Galaxy J2 (2016) that does not come to the Netherlands

Of material that we got in hands, showing that Samsung soon a new feature called  Smart Glow will introduce new phones.  Smart Glow is basically a colored luminous ring around the camera lens on the back of a phone.
According to the description can  Smart Glow be used to demonstrate notifications to the user, in a manner similar to an old-fashioned notification LED. In this way incoming messages and calls are displayed, but also other events such as a battery is low or storage capacity becomes full.
In addition,  Smart Glow  be used to  selfies  to do with the camera at the back of a telephone. A luminous Smart Glow ring serves as a sign that one face is detected, and that the picture will be taken within a few seconds.

The  Smart Glow feature will likely debut at the upcoming Galaxy J2 (2016), which will be launched in India.Or the pinch even in more expensive devices, such as the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 (or discs 6 , who knows?) Ends can not be predicted at this time.

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