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Samsung Electronics to Extend Its Production Facilities for 3D NAND-Flash Memories

Samsung Electronics is going to extend production facilities for 3D NAND-Flash memories at its 17 Line of semiconductor facilities in Hwasung by investing $2.13 billion (2.5 trillion KRW). Its strategy is to solidify its position in memory markets by increasing production capability starting from second half of this year. Because Samsung Electronics is going to make investments into its facilities in Pyeongtaek at the end of this year, equipment providers will become huge beneficiaries.
According to an industry on the 14th, Samsung Electronics has decided to use its second step of investments for 17 Line in Hwasung to produce 3D NAND-Flash memories and is going to place orders from equipment providers at the end of this month at the earliest. Size of production is going to be about 40,000 wafers, and Samsung Electronics is going to start mass-production starting from end of this year after installing equipment. Stock industry is estimating that Samsung Electronics will invest between $1.70 billion and $2.13 billion (2 trillion KRW and 2.5 trillion KRW) for this extension.

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