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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Iris Scanner Confirmed?

Samsung has been rumoured to be working on an advanced technology that would be able to scan eyes of users in lieu of the fingerprint. These rumours have been circulating on the Internet for a while now and it is now confirmed that the brand is indeed in the process of making a device with this tech. A recent report has confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy Note will feature an advanced Iris scanner along with a fingerprint sensor for enhanced security and ease of usage. Samsung has launched Galaxy Beta Program recently (Screenshot Below) and it shows the Iris scanner feature in the settings, which confirms the rumor. Previously, the Zauba lisiting (See Pic 2) showed that the 200 Iris Scanner as a part of Samsung Mobile has been imported by the brand from South Korea to New Delhi. Since the handset maker has already launched its flagship S7 and S7 Edge this year, it seems that the next Note phablet will be sporting an Iris scanner. Iris recognition technology has an edge over the fingerprint sensors. Iris Scanning technology is 1000 times more accurate than fingerprint sensor as it has a very low error rate and replication advantages. It was also being speculated that the next Galaxy Note will be featuring a larger 5.9-inch display and the latest Exynos processor in markets like India. Rumours also had it that the device will be sporting 6 GB of RAM and expandable memory like Galaxy S7. However, the launch date of the handset is a while away and Samsung might just launch an A series device with the sensor to test the water, just like it did with Galaxy Alpha before launching Galaxy S6. Anyhow, this is going to be most innovative feature in recent times and give Samsung an edge over other brand. http://weibo.com/u/5511546210?is_hot=1

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