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The Developer Show (TL;DR 029)

Highlights: Daydream Labs, Firebass Alternate Reality Game, Android N, Google Stackdriver, Auto Generating Forms, Google Maps, Mobile Ads

This week's episode is across the map with VR, Android, logging, and well, maps. The Daydream Labs brings more wisdom for building in Virtual Reality with another rapidly built prototype. We peek behind the scenes of the Firebass ARG. There's multiple Android N updates with an in-depth discussion of notifications and a look at some crypto changes. Google Stackdriver allows you to add ad-hoc logs while your app is running and we have a discussion of six things Stackdriver brings to the DevOps table. You can now auto-generate thousands of Google forms at a time. There's a new Udacity course for Google Maps APIs. And, finally, another episode of the Mobile Ads Garage; this time on best practices for interstitials.

The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts.

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