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The world's first gaming laundromat - Changes the dirty laundry to playtime

That it is difficult to get teenagers to help at home, many parents recognize themselves in. The wide availability of games, movies and other digital entertainment makes possibly the motivation to clean or wash even worse. Samsung did with the help of new technology to perform an experiment to reverse this trend, and the result was Landry - the place where the currency to play the dirty laundry.

Stockholm June 15, 2016 - Samsung is always striving to find new ways to use technology to make life easier. Household chores is an area that may need extra motivation, especially for parents with teenagers at home. Samsung opened therefore tested the dream place for both parents and teens interested in games, Landry, a laundromat where visitors had to change his dirty laundry to playtime.

- New technologies open up for changes in everyday life, and now that even appliances becomes more connected, the possibilities are greater than ever. The experiment Landry can be seen as an example of how to use innovative technology to find fun, but also meaningful, way to combine online products to make everyday life easier, says Adam Fors, Nordic Marketing Manager at Samsung.

Those who played under Landry could follow the wash cycle in real time via a Galaxy S7 installed at each gaming station and then got a notification when the laundry, and the playing time, was finished. During the experiment, Samsung's new washing machine AddWash that makes it possible not only to follow the washing process but also control it directly via the mobile phone. For example, it is possible to pause via mobile laundry program and loading laundry during a program and then start again. The washing machine has AddWash namely an additional door which can be opened during the laundry again. In this way it is possible to add the missed or forgotten garments smoothly.

See the film about Landry here: https://youtu.be/ZFs8EtOs1s8

Read more about the technology behind: http://www.samsung.com/se/discover/ecosystem

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