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Themes Thursday: Themes with Live Lockscreen Wallpapers start hitting the Theme Store

Welcome back to Themes Thursday! Samsung has started allowing third-party theme developers to add more features into their themes, and that includes custom Always On Display designs, Live Lockscreen Wallpapers and Ringtones. Samsung has released 86 themes in the Theme Store this week, and three of those themes – Luxury Car (Premium), Lotus Flower (Premium), and Electric (Premium) – come with Live Lockscreen Wallpapers.

 Apart from those, we’ve selected four themes that you might like – Material Design Flat Theme, [V] TicToc, [WoOS_Design] Rocket, and Yacht. All these themes have circular icons, clear fonts, Material design wallpapers, and neat color combinations. The Material Design Flat Theme also comes with a custom AOD mode. Which theme did you like the most?

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