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Touchwiz UX BETA (Notes 7?): Our test | Video

Few days ago we told you about a new interface Touch Wiz in development. Currently in beta, it could debut with the Galaxy Note 7 Whereas there are several elements that suggest just the new notes as a device for the debut. Samsung has almost completely rewritten the part notifications and categorizing settings going to change even different elements and aspects within the various graphics programs.

Considering the many changes and taking into consideration the fact that manufacturers tend to tend to not upset the graphics of a telephone already on the market not to complicate the life to the users (and in this case the change is important and that it can create some problems in those who are less smart), it is said that this new interface can be used and even get on the S7 range.

That said, we will not dwell too much in the interface description as video and screen are very clear.

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