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Verizon Galaxy Note 5 customers, Write on PDF is available for your device; here’s how to get it

You’re a Verizon USA Galaxy Note 5 customer who is unhappy with your Galaxy Note 5. The metal and glass design is just perfect, as is the S Pen, camera performance, Exynos 7420 octa-core processor (Samsung, Verizon customers would also LOVE the Exynos 8890 for the Galaxy Note 7 edge. Please?) and superb AMOLED display, but one of Samsung’s new features is missing on your device: Write On PDF. Unfortunately, Verizon decided that you didn’t need to write on PDFs, but fortunately, Samsung has come to the rescue once again. There is a Write on PDF function available from Samsung, and you need not install an APK from a developer website just to have this coveted function.

If your interest is peaked, let’s get started.

Retrieve Write On PDF

As a Verizon customer, let me say that I know how Verizon customers feel. You purchased one of the best devices on the market (it still is!) but feel cheated that Write On PDF was just suddenly removed from the Note 5 without you having any say-so in the matter at all. And why did Verizon have to remove this feature anyway? Is the Note 5 not a Samsung device? I know, I know, I know. This is where some would say, “This is why we need unlocked devices, smartphones directly from Samsung that bypass carriers.” Unfortunately, many customers can’t afford to go off-carrier, so we’d still end up at the carrier even if we purchased a model directly from Samsung (we just wouldn’t have missing features).

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