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Xperia X Performance is now out; Taiwan gets first dibs; see first unboxing pics

The Sony Xperia X Performance is now in stock in Taiwan and expected to see further availability across other South East Asia regions shortly, including Hong Kong and Thailand. You can check out the first unboxing pictures of the Xperia X Performance below, which follows the same colourful packaging as seen with the Xperia X.

The design of the Xperia X Performance looks very similar to the Xperia X, but includes a brushed hairline metal finish on the black and white models. The dual SIM version (F8132) is being sold in Taiwan, which supports 4G + 3G dual standby. The pictures also highlight that the NFC contact point is on the top-front of the handset (same as the Xperia X) which compares to the back of the handset for most previous Xperia models.

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