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Back to the horizon: Samsung’s Over the Horizon theme needs to get better with the Galaxy Note 7

I love Samsung’s Over the Horizon brand theme. Actually, I loved Samsung’s Over the Horizon brand theme. I don’t love it anymore. In fact, I don’t even like it anymore. The fully orchestrated classical version of the theme that debuted with the Galaxy S5 (or was it the S4?) was my favorite. For the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung gave the theme a futuristic update that matched the phones’ beautiful and eye-catching design. With the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, it all fell apart.

The Galaxy S5 version of Over the Horizon was nice as a track to listen to, but it didn’t make for a great ringtone given its regular music-like nature. This was fixed with the Galaxy S6′s more modern take on the theme, but on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung decided to turn the theme into something worse. It’s more like the polyphonic tones from the feature phones of days past- Samsung even added vocals to the mix, although these vocals will never come up when the theme fires up as the ringtone during an incoming call.

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