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Exclusive: Galaxy Note 7 ships with ‘Samsung Cloud,’ Gorilla Glass 5, USB-C to microUSB adapter, more

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is set to be announced on August 2nd, but today an anonymous source (who we have confirmed has actually seen the device) has provided us with an extensive rundown of what we can expect with this phone. Some of this information is independent confirmation of details we’ve already seen in a variety of leaks over the last several weeks, but we also have some corrections to previous leaks and some juicy new information to share with you as well…

You’ll find the full spec list we’ve been told about below, but first let’s take a look at some new information.

A service called Samsung Cloud (assumably Samsung’s iCloud competitor, as we’ve been told it “backs up your data” to the cloud) comes with the phone, and all buyers of the phone will get 5GB of free storage to get started. This could be related to “Samsung Cloud Together” that SamMobile mentioned a couple weeks ago. Also of note on the software side, our source says that the phone will be able to turn any video into a gif with a tap.

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