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#MissNothing – Paco De Los Monteros

We’re constantly amazed by what people achieve with our smartphones. We love to see creativity overflowing as individuals take technological innovations like the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus in our Xperia X and use them to capture unique and powerful imagery. This week we’re speaking to Paco De Los Monteros to find out about what part he played in our #MissNothing campaign.

Who are you, where have you been and where are you going?
My name is Francisco and I consider myself a creative perfectionist. I study, work in marketing and love photography. I consider photography as my main hobby…I would love for one day to be able to earn a living as a photographer.

Paco Xperia X

Can you talk about your involvement in the #missnothing campaign?
I became very involved in creating beautiful, creative and diverse content. I went to different spots after work and on weekends, I dedicated almost 2 weekends to this campaign and I really loved it. It meant brainstorming creative concepts, using different materials, poses and movements, I even got to be part of the photos.

Did Xperia X enable you to capture certain scenes or shots, that you previously weren’t able to with a smartphone?

The Xperia X really helped me out when I was trying to keep my object or person (even both of them) in focus. And also the quality and details are great!

Paco De Los Monteros Xperia X

Describe what the #missnothing / #liveeverything mantra means to you in 140 characters or less?

It means not being limited by something or someone to live a moment and don’t miss anything about that.

We loved working with Francisco and the great photography he captured – check out his Instagram to see some more of his striking photography.

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