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More images of the Galaxy Note 7′s iris scanner setup leaked

There have been countless leaks which confirm that the Galaxy Note 7 is going to feature an iris scanner. We’ve even seen a video of the iris scanner in action recently so it’s not like this feature will come as a surprise when Samsung unveils its new flagship handset on August 2. More images of the Galaxy Note 7′s iris scanner setup have now been leaked online, the long list of restrictions that we recently reported on can be seen in English this time around so you can really see for yourself all of the different situations in which the iris scanner may not work.

Some screenshots of the Galaxy Note 7′s new Grace UX interface are included in this leak as well. We can see the S Pen Air Command menu with familiar options for Action Memo, S Note, Screen Write and more. Glance is a new option on the Air Command menu as well as the ability to record parts of the screen to easily create GIFs. Screenshots of the app drawer show that it will be possible to arrange applications in alphabetical order by default and that some app icons have been swapped with new icons. We’ve more or less seen all there is to see about the Galaxy Note 7 so the only detail many will be concerned with when Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Note 7 is how much it will cost and when it’s going to be available.

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