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Not all Smartphones are Equally Secure: Introducing DTEK50 by BlackBerry

That device you carry around? It's not just your phone. It’s all your photos, your bank account, your work documents, your browsing history. With cybercrime and malware on the rise, it’s time for everyone to take a close look at how the private details of their lives can be at risk.

When it comes to security, BlackBerry Android phones are leading all other Android smartphones. We've packed all of the security and privacy features from our first 100% Android device, PRIV, into the new, affordable-yet-powerful DTEK50.

Watch this video, read Inside BlackBerry (blogs.BlackBerry.com), and visit our product pages at www.blackberry.com/dtek50 to learn more about the many ways BlackBerry hardens DTEK50 to block hackers, malware, nosy advertisers, and more.

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