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Samsung Files Patent for New Wireless Charger Designs

Samsung will be holding an event on August 2 to introduce their new Galaxy Note 7 and we have to wonder if it'll be the right time to introduce a new wireless charger design that surfaced in a Samsung patent filing this past week at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. In fact, Samsung illustrates three new distinct designs that are stylish in comparison to their current round flat and boring disk design. All three designs promote a taller design that could charge a smartphone and smartwatch at the same time; something that would be convenient for most on their night table.

Samsung's invention provides for a wireless charging device in which a sheet is provided at a predetermined separation distance between top of a housing and a shield-can. The sheet may shield a transmission resonator from the electromagnetic field emanating from the system board in the shield-can, and/or vice versa. Various embodiments of the present disclosure may also provide for a transmission resonator that simultaneously generates a vertical magnetic field and a horizontal magnetic field so that an electronic device can be charged via a side surface of the wireless charging device as well as on an upper surface. Accordingly, the product can be miniaturized as a large pad is not necessary and charging efficiency of the product can be enhanced as well.

The charger will be able to charge a camera, wearable device, necklace, electronic glasses, head-mounted-device, smartwatch, electronic tattoos smartphones and tablets.

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