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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leaked some specifications for SKT.

Through the web page of the SKT, the Galaxy Note 7 has been leaked some specs of (Galaxy Note7).

Galaxy Note 7 (Galaxy Note7) is released in silver, gold, blue, and if the three colors of blue color with gold borders are closed.

In addition, compared with a previous 73.9 x 153.5 x 7.9mm width was reduced 2.2mm, the thickness has increased 0.3mm. Weight was slightly reduced to 169g.

Battery capacity is the largest of the Galaxy Note Series to 3500mAh.

The black and white color fallen into the product sales page, I do not know whether the seal is released separately what other doengeot missing in the product sales page.

In China Galaxy Note 7 to this video it came up with an iris identification (Galaxy Note7) told me seemed fairly quick recognition.

Note to the Galaxy Note 7 (Galaxy Note7) information posted on SKT Meanwhile, it leaked information is collected only information of Galaxy note 7'm haldeut enough.

Finally, we will see in the video that iris recognition Galaxy Note 7 (Galaxy Note7).

Galaxy Note 7 View the video iris identification.

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