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The Galaxy Note 7 is already breaking and setting records – and it hasn’t even been announced yet

Usually, when one discusses breaking and settings records, it’s done with the assumption that the item, product, and even person (in the case of sports records, for example) exists. Some would say that the Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t exist yet, but this claim would come from a very naïve perspective that doesn’t consider that phones can only have component leaks, colors, similar model numbers, and demo videos because they already exist. Sure, it won’t be announced for the consumer public until August 2, 2016, but the item must exist prior to that date in order for an announcement to take place (no smartphone manufacturer has time to concern itself with “unicorns”).

So, it is in the context of the Galaxy Note 7′s prototypical existence that we can confidently say it is breaking records, though it hasn’t even been announced yet. Well, consumers have a general expectation that with each next-generation smartphone, the technology will progress beyond that of the current or previous generations of smartphones. So, this makes sense, but just how much technological progress the Galaxy Note 7 has over its predecessors will blow you away.

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