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A British Man Is Attempting To Cycle Across The Country In Virtual Reality

Aaron Puzey has a goal: to cycle his way across all of Britain. This is a noble goal, but not terribly unique especially during Olympic season when stories of amazing athletes are abounding everywhere. What sets Puzey apart, however, is that he is attempting to achieve this marathon bike ride…without ever leaving his house.

“I want to become the first person to cycle through Britain in virtual reality. I really, really do. In fact I might be the first person to cycle any great distance in VR.”

This is how Puzey begins the blog that he is using to chronicle his journey across the island. His bike of choice would not be of the mountain or road variety, but rather an old exercise machine he had lying around his house. Strapped to his head while he peddles is a standard Samsung Gear VR but this is where his story leaves the arena of the commonplace and enters the realm of the downright fanatical.

The video below shows the inaugural moments of Puzey’s journey as he pushes off on his virtual bike trip for the very first time.

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