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AT&T to sell the Galaxy Note 7 on August 19, free Gear S2 included

AT&T has announced the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 as expected. The carrier will start taking pre-orders for the handset starting August 3 i.e. tomorrow and fulfill them on August 19. The launch date seems to be consistent with what Samsung mentioned in its press release, so we’re not really surprised.

The handset will be offered with AT&T Next Every Year in 24-monthly installments of $36.67 each. You can also get the handset for 30 monthly payments of $29.34 each using AT&T Next.

What’s interesting is that Samsung will offer the Gear S2 for free with the smartphone, although you are required to sign a two-year agreement with the device. If you’re not interested in the Gear S2 or if you already have one, you can also opt to get the Galaxy Tab E for $0.99. AT&T mentions that both devices are compatible with NumberSync, so you can pair either the Gear S2 or the Galaxy Tab E with your primary phone number.

Lastly, the carrier will also offer $695 in AT&T Next credits with the purchase of your Galaxy Note 7 to get a second unit for yourself or your loved ones. Overall, it looks like the carrier is offering pretty exciting promos to go with Samsung’s latest flagship. Of course, some buyers of the Galaxy Note 7 will have better choices of freebies, but AT&T fans will have to do the best with what they get. The handset will be available for purchase both in stores and from AT&T’s official site.


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