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Here are the official accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Along with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has also launched official accessories for its latest Galaxy Note smartphone. The list of official accessories for the Galaxy Note 7, which are listed on its official website, includes cases and covers, battery packs, and USB Type-C adaptors.

One of the most interesting accessories for the Galaxy Note 7 is the S View Standing Cover that can double up as a kickstand for the device. It will be available in Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, and Yellow. Other cases include an LED View Cover, a Clear View Cover, a Leather Cover, a Clear Cover, and a Keyboard Cover.

The Lens Cover for the Galaxy Note 7 is similar to the ones that were released for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. It ships with a 16x telephoto lens and a 108-degree wide-angle lens. The Backpack case for the Galaxy Note 7 is equipped with an internal 3,100 mAh battery that charges the device wireless, and is water-resistant as well.

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Samsung will also sell 10,200 mAh power banks that work with the Galaxy Note 7. A curved screen protector, USB Type-C to Type-A, and USB Type-C to Micro USB connectors have been listed on Samsung’s official website as well. The device is also capable for fast wireless charging, so it is compatible with Samsung’s Fast Wireless Charger.

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