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Level Active

Includes ear hooks and a selection of eartips and wingtips – allowing you to find the perfect fit for stability and comfort...

Sweat resistant coating protects speakers from sweat†

Comfort that moves with you
Keeps the splashes out
Stay connected on the run

About This Product
Designed for the active listener, Level Active delivers quality sound in a lightweight, stable and hassle-free package. A variety of ergonomic, soft gel eartips and stabilizing wingtips can be used together with the pre-installed flexible ear hook to keep the headset in place during even the most intense exercise or activity. The earbuds are connected by a convenient, behind-the-neck cable with a built-in remote for controlling music and calls.

Performance Tracking
Touch and hold the Active Key on the right side earbud to share information with compatible Samsung apps. Receive workout data from S Health, hear the current time, or use the timer app to time your workout or run.

Water Resistant
Sweat Resistance – Moisture resistant coating protects speakers from sweat – protecting the headset from sweat, rain, or splashing when exercising or wearing during outdoor activities.



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