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Master Android app development with SamMobile Shop, take 95 percent off the course

Have you ever wanted to get in the business of making Android apps? If you have but lack the technical skills, there’s a way to fix that. We have a course available on the SamMobile Shop which provides you with more than 60 hours of training to enable you to make Android apps, games and more. The course is a $657 value but we’re offering it with a 95 percent discount for just $29.

The Hot Java Android Coding Bundle from SamMobile Shop features over 238 lectures and nearly 37 hours of instruction. It will familiarize you with the Android Studio and Eclipse, the tool main tools required for creating Android apps. As the course goes on you will build more complex apps to further improve your skills. The course is only available at a 95 percent discount for a limited time so if you’ve ever wanted to pivot to a career in Android app development, this is your chance to take the plunge.

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