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SamMobile Shop offers you a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium for 83 percent off

Do you find it hard to remember long and complicated passwords? I wouldn’t hold it against you. We all use so many different services and since using one password for all of your accounts is a recipe for disaster, many of us have multiple passwords that we are sometimes just not able to recall. Fortunately, many services have cropped up which help users in such a time of distress. Sticky Password is one such password management solution and if you head over to the SamMobile Shop right now you can get a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password for 83 percent off.

Sticky Password if available for Android devices as well as iOS, Windows and Mac. It provides strong encrypted passwords for accounts which are easily managed via a single master password that only you know. It also helps log in automatically to recognizes sites, fills out forms and allows users the option of choosing either cloud-based or local storage of their passwords. Sticky Password has been created by the team behind AVG Antivirus. A lifetime subscription to the Premium tier normally costs $149 but you can get it from SamMobile Shop for a limited time at 83 percent off for just $24.99.

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