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Samsung Connect auto

About This Product
You’re attached to your car, but now you can be truly connected with Samsung Connect auto. Just plug it into your car’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) port and forget about it. With the built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot, your passengers can connect up to 10 devices, including phones, tablets and more, then browse and stream all the music and videos they want. The Connect auto app also lets you track your vehicle’s health, location, performance, and easily decode engine lights. And with Samsung KNOX, you can rest assured your personal info and data are secure at all times. More information will make you a smarter driver, and being a smarter driver could save you money. Samsung Connect auto. Now you’re more connected to your car than ever.

Do not engage in any activity that may distract you/impair your concentration. Check and obey all local laws/regulations on use of mobile devices/accessories while driving.

How it works
To use the Samsung Connect auto device, you only need 3 things: your car, a smartphone* and the the Connect auto app.

Check car compatibility
Download app for Android
Download app for iOS
*Compatible with the following devices: All Samsung Galaxy smart phones that are Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above, iPhone 5C/S and above, Other Android Devices: LG (V10, G4, LEON, Escape 2), ZTE Maven, HTC One A9
Stay connected.
Stop searching for Wi-Fi. With Samsung Connect auto, it’s in your car.¹ Connect up to 10 devices, including phones and tablets—all at once—so your backseat passengers are streaming, gaming and chatting all road trip long—and not asking, “Are we there yet?”
1Network charges may apply; consult your carrier for more information.

Stay in touch with your car.
Now you’re connected to your car even when you’re away from it. Finding your car in a crowded parking lot at the mall or at the airport is a snap when using GPS with 4G LTE connectivity. If the car parked in front of you bumps yours, you’ll be notified on your smartphone app. And if your car gets towed, you’ll know that too.
Drive with confidence.
Your indicator light comes on. It probably isn’t anything. On the other hand, it could be serious. Don’t take chances. With Samsung Connect auto, you’ll receive helpful information via your smartphone app, saving you the trouble of digging through your vehicle owner’s manual.

Drive well, save money.

When it comes to vehicle expenses, you want to cut costs any way you can. Samsung Connect auto monitors your driving, measuring acceleration, cornering, braking and speeding. It then gives you a driver’s score based on a scale of 0–100, so you can make adjustments that could save you money at the pump.²
Safety first
Samsung Connect auto is protected by Samsung KNOX, which provides defense-grade security at all levels—from hardware to software. So you don’t have to worry about your personal info and data falling into the wrong hands.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification

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